What is the Verb Tense Crash Course about?

  • The Form

    First we'll learn the form for each Finnish verb tense. It takes a little practice, but it's worth it! Everything is explained in English.

  • The Use

    This is where you'll learn the context in which different tenses are used. I've got good news - Finnish and English tenses have a lot of similarities!

  • Practice

    The course contains interactive exercises that you can complete whenever, wherever, as many times as you want.

  • Community

    The private online community on Slack is a great way for students and the instructor to chat about the course content.

  • Online classes

    Online group classes give you a chance to ask me anything about the course and practise what you've been learning.

Course outline

and the online classes

9.-16.11. Verb types and preesens

  • Independent study and vocabulary boosting

16.-23.11 Revision of verb types - Negative sentence - Closed questions

  • Group class Wed 21st Nov at 6pm

23.-30.11. Imperfekti + negative imperfekti

  • Group class Wed 28th Nov at 6pm

30.11.-7.12. Perfekti

  • Group class Wed 5th Dec at 6pm

7.-14.12 Pluskvamperfekti

  • Group class Wed 12th Dec at 6pm
  • Group class Wed 19th Dec at 6pm

What's included?

  • A bundle of 2 courses

  • Online materials for independent study published each week (1st week's materials accessible immediately)

  • Online group lessons (x 5) to keep track of your progress

  • Lifetime access to the materials and the online community


Emmi Seppälä

  • Emmi Seppälä

    Online Finnish instructor

    Emmi Seppälä

    Moi ja tervetuloa! My name is Emmi and I'm from the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. I have always loved languages (I speak 5!) After I finished high school, I worked and studied abroad for a good while, and I never, ever thought I'd become a teacher. However, the 8 years I spent living and travelling in different countries gave me a strong desire to help other people achieve their goals via languages. So, I ended up taking a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Madrid in 2014. One of the best decisions I ever made! Since then, I have been teaching languages offline and online while working on my Master's degree (English philology) and teacher qualification at the University of Helsinki. I created Finking Cap so I could help Finnish learners from all over the world make sense out of the language. Finnish is such a unique language that students can easily feel overwhelmed. I want to make sure that Finnish eventually makes sense to you and that you can take charge of improving your Finnish skills every day. About the way I teach: I'm very pragmatic and I do what works. I don't focus on a specific theory about language learning. Even though I teach a lot of grammar, I invest heavily in "making Finnish make sense", and I focus on topics that I believe are going to be useful in the long run.